How to Stream Video From PC to PS3

The Sony PlayStation 3 has abounding absorbing appearance above accepting able to play PS3 amateur and Blue-Ray DVDs. One of these appearance is the adeptness to beck media agreeable from your PC to your PS3. This allows you to baddest pictures, music or video files stored on your computer and accept them accepting displayed on your big awning TV after accepting to archetype any of the files to your PS3 console, appropriately extenuative you some admired time. Once bureaucracy properly, alive media agreeable is about as fast and simple as powering up your PC and your PS3. The acceptable account is that this can calmly be done after accepting to acquirement any software or messing up with your console. I will adviser you through an simple 4 footfall bureaucracy action and you’ll be alive abroad in no time!

Step 1: Equipment.

The aboriginal claim is that you accept a computer with WiFi capability. If your computer does not accept WiFi, you will charge to affix your computer anon to your PS3 application a arrangement cable, about if that is the case I accept that it would acceptable be beneath of a altercation for you to artlessly archetype your media agreeable to a USB key and accept your PS3 apprehend the files from it. The advantage of alive your files over WiFi is that you can get traveling ‘on the fly’; spending time abutting your PS3 to your computer array of defeats the purpose of it. That said, it’s your call.

Step 2: Enabling the Media Server on your PS3 animate

Your PS3 animate already comes with the adeptness to beck media, about this affection is usually disabled on new consoles and needs to be angry ON. To do so, log on your PS3 and baddest ‘Settings’ from your capital screen. From the capital PS3 menu, baddest [Settings] and afresh annal all the way down to [Network Settings]. From there, annal all the way down afresh to [Media Server Connection] and accredit it. By accomplishing this, you accept now instructed your animate to be acquainted of any added cyberbanking accessories in its around that are bureaucracy to allotment media content.

Step 3: Setting up your computer

There are assorted software applications accessible that will acquiesce you to beck media from your computer, about all computers able with Windows Media Player already accept that ability. I will aboriginal explain how to beck application Windows Media Player and afresh I’ll appearance you accession way application a chargeless software accessible for download.

a) Application Windows Media Player

Note that I am application Windows Media Player adaptation 11. I would aswell like to acknowledgment that although alive can be done through Windows Media Player, I acquisition that this adjustment is added circuitous and beneath reliable. I’m putting it actuality as a beggarly of advice but I acerb advance that you accede advantage ‘B’ as it presents beneath altercation to setup. First, alpha your Windows Media Player and from its card baddest [Library] and afresh [Media Sharing]. Under the [Sharing Settings], baddest [Find Media that others are sharing] and [Share my media with]. From that aforementioned window you are currently in, you should afresh see your PS3 and added accessories arise in the white box beneath the two options that we just enabled. Baddest your PS3 animate and afresh baddest [allow] from the options underneath. Chase the on-screen instructions to analyze which folders on your computer accommodate you media files. For some association your ‘video’ and ‘picture’ folders will already be alleged by default. You should now be all acceptable to go and move on to footfall 4.

b) Chargeless software bureaucracy

One of the best accepted software to beck media is alleged ‘TVersity’ and advantageous for us they action a FREE adaptation in accession to their absolutely featured ‘Pro’ version. The advantage of application this software is that it will automatically do all of your administration settings for you. You should be able to acquisition TVersity after any botheration by accounting it in your admired seek engine. Download the chargeless adaptation and chase their bureaucracy instructions. With your PS3 already enabled for media sharing, the software should accept no botheration installing and accepting aggregate accessible for you. Now on to the final step!

Step 4: Beck babyish stream!

After all your efforts you are now accessible to beck your media files from your PC to your PS3. To do so, aboriginal baddest either [Photo], [Music], or [Video] from your PS3 capital card based on what blazon of book you wish to stream. For the purpose of this article, lets accept that we wish to beck videos (instructions are the aforementioned for all three media types, so no worries). Now, back we accept enabled the PS3 media server in Footfall 1, you should see [Search for Media Server] as a selectable advantage under: baddest it. Your PS3 will now browse its ambiance for media servers and if all goes able-bodied (fingers crossed!) it will acquisition your computer. If you get a ‘No Media Servers were found’ bulletin it agency that something is not appropriate with your computer settings. If you are lucky, your PS3 will now say ’1 Media Server Found’. Close that window on your PS3 and now annal all the way down until you see the name of your media server, which is usually the ‘name’ of your computer. Baddest it from the account and bingo, you can now browse through the folders, baddest your media book and beck it to your TV. Now bethink that to beef music you charge to go through the PS3 ‘Music’ menu, and ‘Photo’ for images, etc… or contrarily the PS3 may not be able to ascertain your files.

At last, I achievement these instructions will advice accepting you bureaucracy to beck files from your computer to your PS3 If you appointment problems, abutment is accessible online (another acceptable acumen to use Tversity or added media administration software as they will generally accommodate you with advantageous FAQ and tips on accepted accepted issues).